Life as she knows it

Hailey made a video last week, and I think it’s absolutely hysterical.  Since she’s not your kid, you probably won’t find it nearly as amusing, but you will be hard-pressed to find a more pleasant way to waste six minutes of your life.  I mean, you’re here, so you obviously have some free time.

A few notes before you begin:

  • The Tinker Bell kitchen that Hailey refers to is indeed for sale.  If you’re interested, she would like $15 (negotiable), cash only, local pick-up only.
  • The ‘Billy’ Hailey talks about is Billy Bretherton, from the A&E television series, Billy the Exterminator.  She LOVES that show.  Yes, there are some curse words and Billy’s mom does set his brother up on a blind date, but I’d rather have the kids watching that than The Suite Life on Deck.
  • Notice that the music is blaring, the television is on, and I left Evan in the bathroom off-camera, calling out, ‘Mommy, can you wipe me?’.  (I am currently responsible for wiping 50% of the asses in the household.)  This is what benign neglect looks like, people.  Take notes.
  • The paper with the chicken line that Hailey wrote is a reference to another YouTube video the kids found online:
  • And yes, the memory foam mattress topper is awesome.


Has that piqued your interest?  Are you prepared to see six minutes of the life of a seven-year old?  Here it is:


2 thoughts on “Life as she knows it

  1. Lol, love the stair decor! Haha. Can I just say your house looks really clean? How do you keep it that way? I have 2 kids, the oldest is 4. It seems like as soon as I pick up, it’s time for round 2. But hey no one ever said being a mom was easy! 🙂
    ps-As a mom, you might appreciate this link called the Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( It’s got great tips for all ages.

  2. Ha! Yes, the house was clean-ish at the moment my daughter made the video, as I had spent most of the day picking up! Oh, cleaning up after young ones is a sisyphean task, and most days I just try not to get buried under it all!

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