Quick multiple-choice quiz

The Quiz:

Let’s say that you are walking outside a major retail outlet and you spy a $20 bill lying on the sidewalk.  Let’s also say that it’s 9:00 at night and no one else is nearby.

Do you:

a.)  pick up the money, pocket it and wonder what good deed you must have done to warrant such good fortune;

b.)  pick up the money, briefly consider turning it in at the customer service desk, but pocket it instead after realizing that it is idiotic to forfeit free money that has a 0.0 % chance of being found by whoever lost it in the first place;

c.) pick up the money, turn it in at the customer service desk, and know that you did the right thing;


d.) pick up the money and turn it in at the customer service desk.  Spend half an hour shopping in the store, and then return to the service desk.  Make up a story about losing twenty dollars outside the store and ask if anyone has turned it in.  Enjoy yourself immensely as the employee behind the desk stammers, pantomimes a search for the cash (which has obviously been pocketed) and then claims that no one has turned in any missing money.  Walk away from the service desk and laughingly tell your wife that the whole little farce was, ‘totally worth $20 in entertainment value.’


Answer Key:

If you chose option a.), you have strong confidence in your good deed output.  Congratulations.

If you chose option b.), you are behaving much as I would, if my kids aren’t around.

If you chose option c.), you are behaving as I would have ten years ago, or you are behaving as I would today, if my kids are around.

If you chose option d.), you are a Lupton.**


**If you don’t know what a Lupton is, be thankful you haven’t married in to the family.


2 thoughts on “Quick multiple-choice quiz

  1. Hee-hee! I once found a $100 bill right outside of my car door when I got out a strip mall! I stared at it, went through the same moral dilemma, and looked around to make sure I wasn’t caught on camera for some tv show looking to prove that Americans/20-somethings/women are completely unscrupulous and pocketed it. I had actually just donated $100 anonymously to a family in need so I’m pretty sure the universe was just paying me back. Thanks universe! Who walks around with $100 bills in his/her pocket without keeping close track of them anyway!

  2. Reblogged this on Benign Neglect and commented:

    Well, I’m bustin’ out the party hats here at Benign Neglect, as I’ve just been informed that I’ve received my 500th ‘Like’. I know there are monster blogs out there that eat 500 ‘Like’s for breakfast, but me, I’m just happy for the encouragement. When I first started this thing, I think people only accidentally stumbled onto Benign Neglect on their way to the the pages they really wanted to see. Now, I have a handful of followers who have never seen some of my favorite posts that I wrote as I was starting out.

    In honor of all the past posts that got no love in their day, I’m reposting ‘Quick multiple-choice quiz’, from August 2011.

    I hope you ‘Like’ it. Ha, ha – see what I did, there?

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