24 hours of bliss – beer, denim and sweet, sweet freedom

Yesterday afternoon, our dear friends Gordon and Elaine took off with the kids for an overnight adventure, leaving Jon and me with a whole glorious 24 hours to do whatever adults do when left alone, without the distraction of little people.  He finished up his work, I surfed the web.


Okay, I also went upstairs to get something or other, and I didn’t have to stop and think, ‘What did I come up here for?’ when I got to the top of the stairs.  It was a banner afternoon.

Now someone, somewhere declared yesterday National IPA Day, and I tip my hat to you, dear person, whoever you are.  So, when the dinner hour came, I was ready to get my hops on.  We headed to the Wrecking Bar Brewpub near Little Five Points, where we actually know the chef, Steve Mayer.  They brew their own beer onsite, so I knew I’d get to enjoy some luscious, luscious brews.

This is their King Louis IPA, and it made me happy to be alive.  Jon ordered some of their stout, and when it showed up at the table with a milk-chocolate-colored foamy head, I knew I had to try that, too.  Jon and I even got to tour the brewing facility underneath the restaurant, where we saw six huge serving tanks in a walk-in fridge with tubing going straight up to the bar above.  The beers are made, stored and served all within about 100 feet.  As far as the food, if you go, order the cheese plate and the short ribs with poblano grits.  You will want to lick the plate.  Delish, Steve!)

We finished dinner, then Jon and I knocked around Target just for fun, trying to recreate a ‘date’ we had months ago where we ended up at Lowes and spent a hour just walking around, enjoying the fact that neither of us had to worry about one of the kids running off and impaling themselves on something sharp or swallowing some bolts or falling off the big rolling carts or some such nonsense.

Some such nonsense…  I think I may have found a new name for this blog.

Anyway, our Lowes date was heavenly.  Last night in Target, we just couldn’t recapture the same romance and our outing ended when I saw this abomination in one of the toy aisles:

Me:  ‘Do you see this?’

Jon: (getting nervous) ‘Okay, let’s go.’

Me:  ‘I don’t see any relational dolls in the boys department, teaching them to pick up the check, return phone calls and that “No means No”.’

Jon:  (Silent.)

Me:  ‘And it’s labeled for ages 5 and up?  Can you imagine?  Was this made purely to indoctrinate girls that ‘sweet talkin’ guys are okay?  Hey, little girls, dream for a guy who tells you everything you want? OH MY GOD!’

I need to start carrying a fold-up soapbox in my purse.  Thus ended our Target date.  But remind me to tell you about the $20 bill Jon found on the sidewalk in front of the store…

Anyhoo – this morning, still sans kiddos, I slept in, then took myself to breakfast/lunch:

Blueberry Crunchcakes, anyone?

 Then, I went shopping.  Nowadays, when you send your kid off to school, you don’t just get them a new Trapper Keeper, a new bookbag, and as much fashionable clothing as you can afford.  Such is the state of public education that we now need to supply things like copy paper, tissues and pencils for classrooms.  Here’s the supply list for Hailey’s class this year:

It’s really a shame that our taxes can’t be used for things like this, but I’m not going to complain, as I know that teachers get completely shafted in this state.  So, I will buy the pencils and shut up.

After my school supply shopping, at approximately 3:15 pm EST, a miracle occurred.

I went to a store.

I picked out a pair of jeans.

I tried the jeans on.

And they fit.

And thanks to vanity sizing, I'm only a 10!

After giving thanks to the Saint of Old Navy, the wonders continued.  Still reveling in my sweet kid-free time, I got a haircut at a place that was not Great Clips.  I tried on bras at a store that was not Target.  I bought some shoes with heels.  I even wandered aimlessly for a few minutes in the mall.  By the time I headed home to meet Gordon, Elaine and the kids, I felt wonderfully normal.

It’s a nice change of pace.


4 thoughts on “24 hours of bliss – beer, denim and sweet, sweet freedom

  1. 1. The jeans. WHAT? Petites are at Old Navy? Or are those girls’? What was the price? I am *shocked* about what this could mean for me and my also-tiny legs.

    2. The DOLL. Triple inhale on that one. They know they wrong for that.

    3. The kids: Ask them to work out a plan that will have them out of the house more often. You never know until you ask, that’s what I say.

    4. The Blueberry Crunchcakes: What’s the crunch? Are those almonds? Pralines? Granola?

    5. In case you couldn’t tell, this whole thing makes me miss you terribly.

  2. Erin, my dear,

    1. It’s true, ON have has short length jeans for women, and I totally scored them for $19.50 (usually $29.50). Tiny legs, rejoice!

    2. I hope someone is losing sleep over the creation of that monstrosity, but I doubt it. Sigh.

    3. School starts again soon. School starts again soon. School starts again soon!

    4. The crunch is granola (with almonds in in, so you’re right on two counts). Pralines…Mmmmmmmmm.

    5. I miss you, too. A. Lot. Maybe I can come out and visit again soon. I want to hear about your (relatively) new job!

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