Seven years ago…

…I cursed at my doctor when she said, ‘You’re having a baby today.’

Dear, sweet Hailey came into our lives in a big hurry.  She was over three weeks early, a tiny little thing at 5 lbs, 5 oz.  The delivery was nothing unusual, but holy shit, our lives have changed in strange and amazing ways since she was introduced to us.

Hailey loves anything sparkly and she loves stomping in the mud in the backyard after a good rain.  She has been dressing herself since the age of three, but only wears shoes when it is absolutely necessary.  The first time we took her to Six Flags, she rode every roller coaster in the park that she was tall enough to ride.  She can cry longer and louder than anyone I’ve ever met.  She is daring, sensitive, kind, conscientious and creative.  And now she’s seven whole years old, too.

We love you, Hailey!  Happy Birthday!

The birthday girl, in all her toothless glory! Yes, Evan, your birthday is in three more months....




3 thoughts on “Seven years ago…

  1. Happy birthday to the most precious seven-year-old I know! 🙂 If I have a little girl one day, she’s going to learn a lot from her baby-sitter, Hailey…and she couldn’t have a better role model. Mr. Jeremy and I love you, Hailey!

    Miss Meg

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