What to do when your six-year-old daughter looks in the mirror and declares herself ‘fat’

Step #1:  Do not begin to pound your head on the wall, while internally screaming things like, ‘What the f*ck?  Already?’, and, ‘Why was I not briefed on how to handle this sort of conversation when I left the hospital with a baby girl six years ago?

Step #2:  Look at your daughter.  Your amazing, strong, indefatigable, relentlessly curious, unabashed, courageous daughter.

Step #3:  Ask your daughter to remember what great things her body has done for her that day.  Remind her that almost no one else has gotten to do the fun things that she has done with her body that day.  (Namely, trying to discover how to fly and practicing gymnastics with a side of bike riding, scootering, and swinging.)

Step #4:  Do not be discouraged when your daughter flits around like a meth addict while you’re trying to impart this wisdom to her.

Step #5:  Tuck your daughter into bed, kiss her goodnight, and pour yourself some wine.


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