An intermission

Jon came home from work on Thursday completely fried.  I knew he had gone over the edge by the number of f-bombs he was dropping.

(Me?  I have been known to whip out that curse as my first utterance of the day.  But Jon?  Not so much.)

So, we put our heads together (and made a hollow sound, as my mother says) and decided to seize the day and yadayadayada, and now we’re in the mountain cabin of some friends for the weekend.  We even brought the dog, wonder of wonders.  Midnight is a lovely dog that deserves better owners.  He loves it up in the mountains, with no fences and all the fun smells and whatnot.  He is a country dog relegated to a city (okay, suburban) life.  Poor thing.

If you’re looking for me in the next day or two, I’ll be in Mineral Bluff, GA, doing something like this:


One thought on “An intermission

  1. I am loving this glimpse at Lupton life. So glad you are doing this! Thanks for letting me peek in on your wonderful family!

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