I cut someone off while walking the other day (CSOWW, is that a thing?).  I was in a booth at a restaurant, and decided to head for the ladies’ room.  As I scooted to the end of the bench and planted my feet on the floor, my peripheral vision caught sight of a woman about to intersect paths with me, walking purposefully.  Did I stay in place and let her pass?  Nope.  I boogied right on out in front of her.  We walked in tandem down the aisle, and since there wasn’t room for her to pass me, she even stayed stuck behind me as I stutter-stepped into the wrong hallway.  I got back on track and breezed into the ladies’ room, swooping into the only available stall.  I’m surprised the poor woman didn’t flip me the bird as I closed the stall door behind me.  I’m sorry, lady who just wanted to use the bathroom.


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