Benign neglect at its finest

So, I’ve had my head in my laptop all day today, trying to set up a website for myself.  The kids pulled out their art supplies (yay!) and Evan drew on himself (boo!) because he said he wanted to ‘look like a bull’.  ‘See my horns?’, he asked.  I guess I can kind of make them out…

After I cleaned him off and made sure all the paint was cleaned off the bathroom floors and counter (yeah, they set up shop in the bathrooms upstairs – at least it was nice and close to a water source!), I got in the shower.  And then Hailey came upstairs to say, ‘I hate to tell you this, but Evan is eating the sugar.’  She LOVES to tattle on him, she’s never sorry at all!  So, the sugar bowl is almost empty, and I hate to see what Evan will do this afternoon!

Since Evan got his picture taken, here’s the rest of us, as well…








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