Things I am into at the moment:

1.)  The smell of gardenias.  We have two bushes in the front yard and they are blooming like crazy.

2.) LoLLIA’s Breathe hand cream – expensive, but such a luscious scent…

3.) Experimenting with this blog, and spending hours trying to find funny, interesting blogs to read.  Current favorites: Hyperbole and a Half, A Dress a Day (every day, a girl takes old, out-of-date item and remakes it into something wearable), Girl With Curves, Curve Appeal and FML (F*uck My Life), which isn’t exactly uplifting, but I get a kick out of it.  Also, Eject, a blog from a wonderfully vulgar Canadian mom who could be my alter ego if I just didn’t give a sh*t.

4.) Wearing long, flowy pants.  I only have yoga-type pants in stretch knit at the moment, but I have a pair of linen ones getting altered to fit and I hope I can find some more to get me through the summer.  I prefer to wear these type of pants with a close-fitting, lycra-heavy top so I can go braless and keep the tummy-jiggling to a minimum.

5.) Big, dangling earrings and/or long necklaces.  I’ve bought more jewelry in the past six months than I ever have in my life.  I credit my neighbor Meg, who has excellent taste, for turning me on to wearing fun accessories.


We’ve had a very sloooow and laaaazy day today, and I have no complaints about that.  It means that I can get do a workout in the morning and lounge around in my workout clothes, eat some breakfast, surf the web, and then maybe get showered at 1:30.  This is a perfect day.  The kids are still in their pj’s and have watched at least four hours of tv – again, no complaints.

BTW, I started reading the book Flat Stanley to Hailey last night.  I forgot what a GREAT book that is!  She was enthralled.  Oooooooh, maybe this year for her birthday I’ll get her the Little House on the Prairie Books!

Here’s what I look like right this minute:


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