Hailey tried to speak to me through the closed bathroom door for the third time…

Me: ‘Hailey, I cannot hear you!  If you have something to say to me, finish up and come out!’

H: (Louder) ‘But there’s no toilet paper in here!’


Today is our fourteenth wedding anniversary!  Last year, we took the day and went to Six Flags, which was very, very cool.  This year, I know that Jon is taking me overnight someplace on Saturday night to celebrate while Jeff and Dana have their first overnight with H and E.  I don’t have anything fun planned for tonight – fail.

Although, I actually did stuff with the kids today (gasp).  We went to the Dunwoody Farmer’s Market with Elise this morning and got some H & F Bakery deliciousness.  Then on to Hippo Hopp and the kids ran around and played for a looong time while I sat with a book.  Awe-some.  We even went to the library so Hailey could stock up on books to read for her school fundraiser.  I avoid the library with the kids, usually, but I think maybe they’ve reached the point where they can be quiet enough to browse through the books without destroying the place!  It was great to plop down in the middle of an aisle with the kids and start pulling books off the shelves.  I heart books.  And my kids.


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