I’ve been spending too much time on the internet…

That’s the long and the short of it.  I spend an embarrassing amount of time every day reading what other people think out there on the interwebs.  The bookmarks bar on my web browser now has three separate folders for blogs: humor, fashion, and decorating.  So, I think I opened this blog for the same reason I once bought myself a pair of Crocs – not because I thought I could pull it off, but because I’d seen them over and over again and had to get on board with the trend.

       This is what I look like, right this minute.

I just finished working out, so I’m happy, but I can’t say it’s an entirely good look for me.

My son heard me taking the self-pic on the computer and insisted on joining me.  That is definitely a better look.  Note to self: a small, cute child is a great accessory.

Okay, so it’s taken me at least an hour to figure all this out, and I have yet to eat breakfast, and my delightful, benignly neglected children do need some attention.

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